Blizzard of 2010 
This past Wednesday, we had out first true blizzard in ages. After getting significant snowfalls on December 18-19th, February 5-6th, and February 9-10th, the winter of 2009-2010 will be one of our snowiest in years.

For the first major snowstorm back in December, I had quite an adventure which left me and my car spun out into the median on a major US highway because I had two final exams on that Saturday morning. Also, my grandfather had a heart attack that day shoveling snow. He was left in the hospital for nearly two weeks.

The next major storm, which was just a week ago, had me racing home from school on a Friday afternoon in order to make it home before the snow started accumulating on the ground. I made it home at 4:30, right when the first flakes started laying on the side streets.

And the latest storm, a true blizzard, just happened a few short days ago. It started snowing on Tuesday afternoon, at about 4:30 again, and didn't stop snowing until about 4:30 the next day. By 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening classes were canceled, and at around 8:00 Tuesday night, classes for Wednesday were canceled (my first snow day since an ice storm in 2008). At about 4:00 pm Wednesday afternoon, they canceled classes for Thursday, because many of the roads in the area were simply impassable. On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of digging my car out of about 20" of new snow. Myself, and two others got it out from the snow in about an hour.

The forecast is calling for more snow on Monday into Tuesday, my roommate and I are taking his truck back to school instead of my car. Many of the side streets are still in very poor condition. On my drive home today, I had to be detoured around the side streets of a small town, and the streets were barely wide enough for two cars to pass.

I really hope spring comes soon...

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