Year 2010 bug (and other VCR ramblings) 
I just dusted off my old Magnavox VCR (I want to record something next week), and when I went to set the date in a DD/MM/YY format, I attempted to enter "10" for 2010, and it the screen simply showed a ? for the year. I then did some playing around, and I've discovered that only 9 and 0 are supported for the first number of YY, thus meaning only 1990-2009 are supported. So in order to use the timer, I had to set the date to 1999, because 1999 and 2010 are identical calendar-wise. I believe the VCR was manufactured sometime in the early or mid 1990s. I guess Magnavox didn't think that their stuff would've be used this far into the future.

Also, earlier in the evening (after I had discovered the date issue and solution), I was about to junk this VCR. Whenever I would enter a tape, it would make some clicking noise, and then eject the tape. I took the cover off, and cleaned the heads (surprisingly the inside of the case was dust-free). That did nothing. I then remembered that a few months ago, I had to move the VCR to clean my bookcase off. I figured that I might have jarred some internals around and that's why it might have not been working. So I simply picked up the VCR, lifted it about a foot off the ground, and dropped it a few times onto carpet. Afterward, I inserted the tape, and success, it didn't spit it back out. It's amazing that analog recording is so picky like that, and just something being jarred would make it work or not work.

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