Blog Spam 
Well, I guess this was inevitable, but today, my blog was defaced my a spammer.

I guess the anti-spam measures aren't strong enough. Oh well. I banned the IP and deleted the comment. I'll look into further anti-spam measures if it gets any worse.

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How does this happen? 
Almost everyday when I go to the restroom, I find personal and hygienic items that people leave behind. Most often, I see soap left in the showers and tubes of toothpaste by the sinks. But I occasionally see boxer shorts, shampoo, and even bath towels left behind. Just today I saw a lone toothbrush on one of trays above one of the sinks. Just how do people manage to leave these kinds of items behind? Sure, I realize people are forgetful, but just how do you manage to forget something like your underwear?!

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Snow Day 
Well for the first time this year, the university is closed for the day due to inclement weather. With a combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain falling, I can see why they decided to close. I had checked the school's website around 7am, and noticed that it still said classes start at 10am, but then my roommate was notified around 8:30 that the university was closed for the day, thus meaning no classes. I'm happy about this because I was scheduled to have an exam in my Global Environment class, but now the exam will have to be pushed back to Monday, giving me two extra days to study.

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Lunar Eclipse 
So did anyone go out and watch the total lunar eclipse that occurred tonight? I stood outside for nearly 40 minutes watching it, snapping a few photos, and shooting about seven minutes of video. I finally came inside after my hands and feet became numb from the 20F weather.

Here's one of the better photos I managed to capture of the eclipse:

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Busy Week Ahead 
I always tell myself I'm not going to procrastinate with my school work, but it always seems to happen. Almost every assignment I turn in is done at the last possible minute. And I'm not seeming to make any exception this semester. Six weeks ago, when the new term started, I knew that I was going to have some work to do, but that's normal. I was given the syllabi for each of my classes, and I largely ignored all of the due dates for assignments. Maybe I shouldn't have done that.

For example, for my Popular Music class, I knew I had a paper due sometime soon, but I had no idea when, nor how long it had to be. Well, thanks to Jeff from across the hall who is in my class, I was reminded about the assignment tonight. It's due Tuesday! It's a 750-word paper critiquing a piece of music of our choice. I haven't even decided which song to write about. I'll do that tomorrow night.

Then there is my speech class. I can't even remember the last time I sat through a speech lecture. Either the instructor doesn't show up because he's sick or his car breaks down (he was absent two consecutive Mondays), or I'm sick and have to miss class. I finally showed up for the "break out" session last Wednesday, and people are already giving their first speeches. Then I find out I'm to go on Wednesday. Well, I think I'm officially screwed. I guess I'll just have to work my butt off Tuesday night, and hope to preform decent on Wednesday. At least the instructor seems like an easy grader.

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