Just great... I'm awoken this morning at around 4 AM with stomach pains. I try to ignore, them, but they kept getting worse. Then at around 7 AM, I get up go to the bathroom and vomit. I figured if it was anything like the last time this happened back in the fall, I'd make one trip to the bathroom and then hop back into bed and get back to sleep.

I guess I was wrong. I get back to bed, only to be awoken many more times by stomach pains. I get up at around 8:45 and head to the bathroom, and this time, liquid comes out of my other end, if you know what I mean. I then sent off an email to my Speech teacher, because I have speech at 10 AM to explain my situation, and he gets back tom saying it's OK.

Then I finally muster enough energy to get to the infirmary here on campus. I figure, I get there at 10 AM, get checked out, they give me some medicine, and I'm out of there. Boy, was I wrong.

I get there, fill out some paper work, and notice about 10 others in the waiting room. They see my condition, and they ask me if I want to sit in the main hallway outside the waiting room in case I'd have to use the restroom. Well, I believe I used it three times in an hour.

Finally around 11 AM, I get checked out in a waiting room. A nurse checks my temperature, blood pressure and a few other things, then she brings me to a "recovery room" and tells me to lie down for a while. I use the bathroom a few more times before 1 PM, then I;m told that I need a shot to "take me out" then the nurse consults with a doctor, and and I don't get the shot, but a pill (what I guess to be a sedative). I was knocked out until at least 3:30 PM when I notice that there is a cup of Jello and Gatorade. I don't remember anyone bringing it to me, but I consume it anyway.

At this point I feel fine, so I'm just laying in bed wondering what to do. I get up and open the door of the room to see if anyone is there. After a while, around 5 PM, the nurse comes back, and gives me plastic bag full of informational papers, extra-strength Tylenol, Gatorade mix, Saltine crackers, and a can of Ginger Ale. Then she asks me if I want a ride back to the dorms, and I am still tired, so I say yes.

They call the campus police to escort me back to the my dorms. After a few minutes, a police car arrives, and I expect to ride in the front, but the officer puts me in the back seat. A minute or two later, I arrive back in the dorms, and I then realize that I don't have my cell phone. My keys and wallet are in my pocket, but my phone is nowhere to be seen. So I get on the room phone, and try to call my cell phone. I called my number, and I get a classroom. WTF? I know I dialed the right number, so I try again. Same thing I get a classroom.

Then I try dialing the Campus Police. The line is busy. I try the Infirmary, again, line's busy. So I decide I'm going to make a visit to the Infirmary. They're closed. Apparently they close at 5 PM then re-open at 7 PM. There is a bell you can ring for an emergency, but I don't loosing a cell phone is that big an emergency. So I decide to visit the Police Station. By this time, It's getting dark out, and the Police Station is on the other side of campus. So I head toward the station. I thought I knew where it was, but I end up walking around a block, and then finding it (I could've just cut through a parking lot to get there). I notice it's dark inside, but I see a light on in the back, so I bang on the door.

A lady answers, and I explain my situation, so she tells me to sit in the waiting room. She gets on the radio and calls the officer, and tells me that they've located my phone, and it's en-route to the station. Five minutes later, the officer arrives with my phone. But now I have to venture back across campus to my dorm.

Throughout the evening, I've been taking naps and eating crackers. And now I have a major headache, but I guess I'll better by tomorrow, just in time to take my Geology and Algebra exams.

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Sleep Cycles 
From time-to-time I've seemed to let my normal sleep cycles get out of hand. This normally happens over summer break where I normally find myself getting to sleep at 3 AM and waking up at noon. Comparing this to my high school life, the change was drastic, where I would normally head to sleep at midnight and wake up by 7 AM. But now what I'm in college, I've found that my bed time has gotten later and later and consequently I wake up later and later.

I've found that it has gotten especially bad this semester. I normally find myself going to sleep after 2 AM, and waking up at 11 AM or noon on days when I don't have any early classes. IMO, it has gotten out-of-hand. I found myself rolling out of bed at 11:30 this morning just in time to get get some lunch and make it to my 1 PM class. Even on days when I have to get out of bed at 9 AM for a 10:00 class, I find myself crawling back into bed after class for a nap.

I've decided that I'm going to go on a 12:30-8:30 AM cycle on weeknights which should give me 8 hours of sleep a night.

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New Blog 
After four and a half years of sporadic updates and long blank spaces, I've officially ditched my old blog over at Blogger, and I've moved to this new one on my personal webspace (courtesy Antony Shen). I hope that starting fresh here will encourage me to actually regularly update my blog unlike my previous blog where months could fly be without a single new entry.

So to kick things off, I've actually come home this weekend from school, and unlike the previous time I came home, the wireless on my laptop actually works. Back two weeks ago, I was in a big rush trying to get home when my father came to pick me up at school, so I basically grab my laptop, pull out the power ethernet cables, throw my laptop in it's case and leave (after packing up a few other things, too). In the whole process, the laptop fell about three inches onto my desk at school and landed on the leftmost little rubber foot on the underside of the laptop. I put it into Sleep mode head home.

About an hour later, I unpack it, kick it out of sleep, and try to get online. Well. first off, I notice that I can't seem to find any wireless networks. Then I notice the little red light indicating that the wireless is turned off. So I flip the switch to try to turn it back on, and it does nothing. Then I reboot, and the darn thing's still red. I decide to check the device manager, and I realize that the wireless adapter is completely gone. So I do some investigating in the Event Logs:

The device 'Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter' (PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4328&SUBSYS_1366103C&REV_03\4&236cf3b&0&0018) disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal.

WTF? I reboot a few more times, to no avail, then out of frustration, I bang on the laptop, and the red light tuned blue next time I reboot. Afterward, I did some searching, and I found a quite lengthy thread over at HP's support forums. It seems that a number of people with the dv6000 series are having the exact same problems I am having. I tested this out a few more times the past two weeks. It seems that any jarring motion will disable or enable the wireless.

I found out that this seems to fall under HP's standard warranty, and they'll fix it for free, but I'll have to wait until May when I'm out of school for the year. Until then, I guess I have to baby the thing.

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