Windows Vista Service Pack 1 
Today, Microsoft finally released the long-awaited first service pack for their newest consumer OS, Windows Vista. Being a Vista user for nearly a year and a half, I was eager to give it a whirl. After checking Windows Update nearly every hour today, I've come to the conclusion that my Conexant High Definition Audio drivers on my laptop are the cause of me not getting the update. Why?

When I checked Paul Thurrott's WinSupersite, I discovered that five audio drivers were causing issues with SP1, and at the end of the list was my driver.

What went wrong?

You may be curious about which device drivers were causing issues with SP1. (I certainly was.) The list includes certain versions of five audio drivers (RealTek AC'97, two versions of SigmaTel, Creative Audigy, and Conexant HD Audio), two biometric fingerprint sensors (AuthenTec and UPEK), Intel Display, a Texas Instruments Smart Card Controller, the Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 with the Watcher.exe application, and the Symantec software driver for the Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Network Access Control clients. The complete list is available on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

So like Microsoft tells me, I check "Chdart64.sys" and I see version, which is well below what is listed in the Microsoft KB article. So I head back to Windows Update, and I find an updated driver for the Conexant High Definition sound driver. I install the new driver, reboot, and check the Device Manager, and the driver version is, so I figure I'm clear to install SP1...

I once again head back to Windows Update, and check for updates. No SP1. WTF? I check "Chdart64.sys" again. What do I see? Version

If I updated the driver via Windows Update, and the Device Manager lists the newer version, shouldn't the SYS file get updated as well?

So no SP1 for me for now. I hope the update process on my desktop will be much smoother.

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New computer: IBM Personal System/2 Model 55 SX 

This computer was given to the family back about 10 years ago. For the last ten years or so, it has been sitting in our garage. After playing with an old 286 machine last weekend that was given to the family by a relative, I decided to dig out this computer.

Until I saw it a few hours ago, I had no idea it was an IBM PS/2. I just knew we had an old computer buried somewhere under the large magnitude of junk in the garage.

I knew at some point it was on my dad's workbench, but I didn't know where. I sorted around all the clutter to find nothing like a computer (only a bunch of junk he dragged home from work over the years). Then I decided to venture upstairs to the garage attic. I pulled the string to turn on the light, and the string ripped. So I go over to the other light on the far side of the garage and turn that one on.

I look around, and in the very corner, past my old Huffy and a bunch of old tires, I see something white sticking out. It had to be the computer, but there were a whole bunch of junked radios sitting in top of it (again my dad dragged these home from work). I eventually make it to the computer, and see the little silver IBM logo.

Then I get it inside and up to my room and examine it. It turned out to be an IBM PS/2 Model 55 SX. I decide to hook up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to it, and power it up. I hear two beeps, and then this screen greets me:

Not knowing what to do, I start hitting keys on the keyboard. One of the first I try, F1 gets me into some kind of "IBM Personal Computer Basic:"

Anyone know if I can do anything with this computer? Install DOS or OS/2 on it possibly? Let it sit around in the garage for another ten years? Or just sit it in my room hoping it will somehow do something else?


I've done some more research into this computer and it appears to have a 16MHz Intel 80386 processor, and I believe somewhere between 2 and 8 MB RAM.

The error codes I get on bootup, 161 and 163, according to this post at states that the two error codes are related to a dead or faulty battery on the motherboard. And I've learned that when any error code appears, it shows the screen with the crossed out :OK" and the IBM manuals then defaults to the IBM Basic program when F1 is hit.

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The end of an era 

After 14 or so years, Netscape is once again dead. Today, AOL has finally dropped support for Netscape-branded web browsers. I'm not really sure what to say, but Netscape has been pretty much dead in the water for years now. IMO, there has not been a worthwhile Netscape release since around 2004. But something tells me we haven't heard the last of the Netscape name...

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Blog Spam 
Well, I guess this was inevitable, but today, my blog was defaced my a spammer.

I guess the anti-spam measures aren't strong enough. Oh well. I banned the IP and deleted the comment. I'll look into further anti-spam measures if it gets any worse.

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How does this happen? 
Almost everyday when I go to the restroom, I find personal and hygienic items that people leave behind. Most often, I see soap left in the showers and tubes of toothpaste by the sinks. But I occasionally see boxer shorts, shampoo, and even bath towels left behind. Just today I saw a lone toothbrush on one of trays above one of the sinks. Just how do people manage to leave these kinds of items behind? Sure, I realize people are forgetful, but just how do you manage to forget something like your underwear?!

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