Spam, oh spam 
OK, this is getting out of control:

Is seven plus spam comments in about three weeks time (give or take a few days) a lot? I think it seems pretty excessive. The thing is, they're all spamming basically the same thing: World Of Warcraft (and other similar video games)-related topics. Why? I have no clue because my blog has absolutely nothing to do with these topics.

I ban the IPs of the spammers and then delete their comments, but when I delete the comments, it seems that all comments in the entry are deleted, even the valid ones from real people.

Oh well.

Anyway, today at work they've started using handheld computerized scanners for returns. So now when I have to people greet at the doors, instead of just putting a simple pink return sticker on the item, I have to scan the UPC barcode with the handheld computer, then go through a few on screen prompts, then a wireless portable printer prints off the return label.

IMO, the older way of doing returns was so much more simple, but very antiquated, apparently. From what I was told, most other stores nationwide already use the new computerized system for returns, so I guess my store was a bit late to the game.

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Hot, hot, hot 
Well, we may be off to our first heat wave of 2008, in June nonetheless. Both the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel are predicting high temperatures in the 90s on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to these very extreme temperatures because I have to work on three of the five days when temperatures are forecast to exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the past few days of 80-some degree temperatures are any indication, I'll be needing to drink lots of water, and will probably come home drenched in sweat. Oh well, at least I'll be making money while I'm doing it...

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I guess I should've thought ahead. I'm outside for nearly eight hours today under crystal clear sunny skies and I end up with a nice red sunburn on my lower arms, face (actually raccoon eyes due to the sunglasses), and backs of my legs. I guess before I venture out for work tomorrow I'll have to remember the sunscreen.

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Fallen into disrepair, again? 
Well, once again, it looks like I've completely forgotten about my blog. It might have just been the end of the school year, and I hope that is the case, but now that it's now summer break for me, I hope to post a lot more often here.

Now on to something a bit more interesting... How difficult is it to find blank VHS media these days?

My adventure started yesterday, when I went to Wal-Mart. I checked the electronics section, where I had gotten some blank tapes before, and there was no VHS to be found. Only a wide variety of blank DVD and CD media. I then take a trip across town to the mall, thinking I'm certain to find some blank tapes there. I walk in the the first place, Radio Shack. No VHS tapes. I then go to Sears, again to find no tapes. I ask an employee in the electronics section, and he points out an empty place on the shelf where the tapes should be and says they're sold out. He then suggests that I look at Wal-Mart. I tell him that I've already been to Wal-Mart and they had none. On my way out of the mall, I stop by the only other place that might sell VHS tapes in the building, FYE. Unsurprisingly, they had none.

So today, I get the bright idea that one of the many discount/dollar stores in town may have blank tapes. I first stopped at the Dollar General here on this side of town. I walk around the store for nearly 10 minutes looking for blank VHS tapes. I see many old videos and movies on VHS, but no blank tapes. While I'm walking the exit of the store, I spot a section with blank CDs and DVDs. After I stopped and stood there for a few seconds, I finally spotted a few two packs of TDK VHS tapes on the very bottom shelf. Since I rarely ever buy blank VHS tapes, I don't really know what a "good" price for them should be, but nonetheless, I pick up two packs, for three dollars each.

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Four Days 
That's right... four days of classes left for me this semester... then it's onto final exams.

I've got one class tomorrow (Friday) and then three days of class next week (Monday through Wednesday). After that, the school's scheduled two "reading days" for Thursday and Friday where students are supposed to be studying for finals which will occur the next week, but most people (including myself) are calling it a four-day weekend.

I won't be on campus for the long weekend, but I'm sure there will be plenty of partying. I'll be at home that weekend, probably trying to study or just catch up on sleep.

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