Notice: This project is outdated and no longer active. Please find a full-featured, finished clock app from the Windows Store.


With the introduction of Windows 8, the default Explorer user interface that had been use for over 15 years was replaced by a new user interface called Metro. While the classic desktop and Explorer are still present in Windows 8, Metro will be the default and will be seen by countless users of Windows 8. In the near feature-complete Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I noticed a glaring omission among the sea of colorful tiles representing each application on Metro's Start screen: a clock. A clock is available in Windows 8, but it is only seen when a user hover's his or her pointer (or finger) over the bottom right corner of the screen and activates the Charm Bar, a bevy of notifications and shortcuts to system-related preferences in Windows 8.

What and why?

The Windows 8 Clock application aims to be simply a clock for the Windows 8 Metro user interface. The application itself will run as a full screen metro application and display the time and date. The application will also feature a live tile what will dynamically display a much-needed clock on the Start Screen. The live tile feature is still under development and is not present in the current release.

I believe that a clock on the Start screen is a vital part of the Metro user interface that was simply overlooked by Microsoft. By coding this project, I not only intend to add a clock to Windows 8, but also improve my coding skills in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML by learning how to code a Metro application in Visual Studio 11.


These screenshots of the application represent an alpha-quality version of the app and are subject to change.


Large Tile:
Large Tile

Small Tile:
Small Tile

Applications menu:
Applications Menu

Get it

Version, compiled March 3, 2012. Download link: MediaFire | Local Mirror.

Note: You will need Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Windows 8 installed and registered with a Windows Live account to install the app.

This application is still in alpha testing. I make no guarantees about the quality of the application should it start a nuclear war or eat the paint off your car. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or other methods.

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